September 2023 – Music Newsletter

Hello there!

This is Eloisa Veliz, the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator of the NCRA/ANREC and the Lead Manager for !earshot distro.

Thank you for supporting and using our system. Now with 30,000+ songs, 960+ Artists, 3,400+ indie accounts and 310 broadcasters accounts we are continuing to grow and trying our best to better the platform on all fronts. 

 Thanks for supporting non-profit campus/community radio.

Ongoing Promotions

The MAPL!e Grant Program is back!

The MAPL!e Grant Program is back! For a whole year this time! Until July 31st 2024!

!earshot Distro partners up with provincial and national music associations for the past 3 years to bring you the MAPL!e Grant Program. You can learn more about the program here.

Here are the names of the associations taking part in the promotion:

    • Manitoba Music
    • MMF Canada
    • Alberta Music
    • SaskMusic
    • Music New Brunswick
    • Indie Week
    • Music BC
    • AFM/CFM Local 820
    • Music PEI
    • Folk Music Ontario
    • Music Yukon
    • Music NL
    • Music Nova Scotia
    • Women in Music Canada
    • Regina Musicians Association
  • East Coast Music Association

This list is always growing, follow on social media for updates!

*You can find the discount code by accessing your account within the association. If you’re part of an association that is not on this list, let them know about the promotion and we will be happy to set them up! 

Worth Checking out:


Gussapolooza Music Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates emerging artists, builds a passionate community of music enthusiasts, and provides a platform for artists and creators to network and collaborate. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Cookstown, Ontario.

Gussapolooza aims to empower the next generation of talent and create a unique experience where music, art, and creativity converge. Taking place September 15-17, 2023, this is a festival you do not want to miss. 

Visit for more festival details! You can use the code “EARSHOT” at checkout to receive a discount on your tickets!

Life in Covid Study

A team of university researchers is using podcasting to study and they still need volunteers! They are looking for children and youth (ages 5 to 18) and some older adults (ages 65 or older) participants. To learn more, email Christine Gibb ( or or visit

 Best Practices

Number your tracks/Reordering your songs

Stations have a hard time figuring out the order of songs in an album after downloading them, you can make their lives easier by numbering your songs yourself! Make sure to number your tracks OR to make sure the order of your songs is correct.

Under “Songs” you can edit the name of songs and add their number, after you can go to “Releases” and select your album and click on the pencil icon and you can re-organize your songs on the right hand side. To save click the “Save Order” button and then for good measures click “Save” at the bottom of the page. This is a quick and easy fix that you can do even after the payment process has been completed.

You’ve uploaded your music, now what?

In case you haven’t yet, check out the “outreach button”. When you drop down to the list of names and email addresses, on the right hand side there is a search bar. If for example you are looking for stations that play pop you can search “pop” and then the list will narrow down. 

You can go up to “Songs” or “Releases” on your account and click on what you wish to share and simply “Copy share URL” and when reaching out to stations you can send them the link for easier access. *Stations need to sign in first to be able to see the upload.


Training Videos

In April of this year we hosted a training on how to upload music to the system, thank you to those who were able to attend. If you are interested in going over how to upload to the system or need a refresher you can checkout the recording here: 

Full Service

Don’t have time to upload your new and/or back catalogue to the system? We can do it for you! 

  1. Fill out this form, to contact the team here about what it is you want to upload.
  2. You will receive confirmation and estimated upload date (2-3 business days), and cost.
  3. You will be invoiced $5/song plus the cost of the release. 
  4. When payment is received, your release will be pushed live!

Promoters Program

If you as a musician or label want to have a referral code you can share (and get 25% of sales made on that code, while those who use the code get a discount), simply email to request to join our promoter program.

We share your uploads with our members weekly!

Every monday a music digest email goes out to all the music directors which includes all the uploads to !earshot distro from the week before, this is in efforts of creating an easy and digestible way for stations to browse through new releases.

Gives us a follow:





If you have general questions or concerns please email or fill out this form.

Eloisa Veliz
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Barry Rooke

NCRA/ANREC Executive Director