Referral Program

!Earshot Distro offers a referral program to help with radio stations and partners in sharing access to the system for a reduced cost. Here is how it works.

  1. A station or partner with a broadcasting account generates a code (under the “referral tab” on their account)
  2. Share that 8 Letter/Number code with whoever you wish too (via e-mail directly from the system, by posting it online, telling it to someone over the phone….who uses a phone?)
  3. When that person/group registers, they include it during the sign-up process
  4. They receive 25% off of the first 10 uploads and 5% off every other upload for the rest of the account
  5. The station/partner is then credited with the same value
  6. Accounts are reconciled 2 times a year, information will be directly sent to those generating referrals via the email attached to your account.

If you do not have a broadcasting account and wish to join the referral progam, contact us and we can help you with that.

Artists/Labels: If you already have a referral code and want to start uploading? Click here and enter your code!

Promoters Program

If you (as a music industry user) want to have a referral code you can share (and get 25% of sales made on that code, while those who use the code get a discount), simply email to request to join our “promoters” program. *Note: The pay out from the referral code is two times a year, April and October.

Promotion Material

Station – Return Letter Template (Editable > Make a copy)
Folder with Graphics

Download, add your referral code (and maybe your logo). Contact us if you wish for us to do this for you

Looking for info on “Coupons” or the normal cost? Click here!