Full Service

Don’t have time to upload your new and/or back catalogue to the system? We can do it for you. How does this work?

  1. Fill out this form, to contact the team here about what it is you want to upload.
  2. You will receive confirmation and estimated upload date (2-3 business days), and cost.
  3. You will be invoiced $5/song plus the cost of the release. (Discounts on full-service costs are not applicable)
  4. When payment is received, your release will be pushed live .

Note the form is a simple uptake form, more information will need to be solicited which includes but not limited to:

  • Song names
  • Genres
  • Characteristics (BPM, etc)
  • Audio file in Wav format (Upload folder is provided in the form)
  • etc.

For more info, contact support@earshot-distro.ca