!Earshot Distro is made by the NCRA/ANREC, and run specifically for our radio stations, the campus/community radio sector and to help with artists in their goals to grow their music outreach. The NCRA/ANREC is a non-profit organization, and that is why we can offer such low fees.

There is no cost to create an account, the only cost occurs when you have completed uploading your material and wish to push the finished product into the library/catalogue. Those base costs are:

$7.00 Canadian +Tax per song
$50.00 Canadian +Tax per album (8-20 songs).

Note: Once the release is live, there are no additional costs to keep it in the library. It remains available for access indefinitely unless the artists/label/distro company removes the song. There is no cost for NCRA/ANREC member stations. Podcasters and for-profit radio may register for a fee.

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When you reach the check-out portion, you may apply a coupon. Any coupons that are used for public promotion will automatically be applied (related to genre, etc), when you process your song. E.g. There may be a discount for all folk music as part of Folk Music Month, any songs with that genre will have a coupon applied.

In the case above, a coupon for 15% is applied, along with a 25% discount for a referral code being used for the first 10 releases

Referral Program

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