Volunteer Program

Updated April 29 2020

!earshot Distro is run by the NCRA/ANREC (Non-Profit) and is in place to support Non-profit radio stations. Our network of stations is all volunteer-based. Much of what the national association achieves is through the work of volunteers.

The !earshot-Distro Volunteer Program is designed to assist with a variety of areas. Some are completely volunteer, some are paid positions. Below is a list of what we are looking for assistance with:

Reviewing Music on the System
Help by accessing all the content that is uploaded, write comments and reviews for other stations to see, give feedback to the artists AND have your reviews published on !earshot Distro social media and the !earshot Charts pages

Becoming a “Promoter”
Help to get artists signed up by reaching out to your network. This is paid via our referral program (Commission).

Helping with Marketing, Design and strategic goals
If you like what we are doing here (or don’t), then you can help with the planning for the platform as a whole. A great opportunity to use your skills and knowledge to strengthen this project.

Helping to Coordinate !earshot Daily
Not hosting a show – to signup to host a show, click here

Interested in one of the above or have another idea where you could help out?
Fill out our volunteer form or contact earshot@ncra.ca for more info