Podcast Hosts

Are you a producer and want to also distribute to podcasters? Simply check the podcast button when uploading your songs!

Are you a podcast host and want access to !earshot Distro for PODCAST FRIENDLY music? !earshot Distro now does that!

To our knowledge, we are the only system in Canada that allows artists to give permission to podcast music. Without explicit permission, using music on a podcast is illegal and violates copyright! But !earshot Distro fixes that and you can get access.

For just $20 a month Canadian, you can have access to the entire catalogue of music, which you can sort and filter easily for podcast friendly content you can air on your show.

Monthly Subscription

Access to !earshot-Distro for non-radio Station Staff (External, private producer).  Month by Month

CA$2.60 (tax)
Total: CA$22.60
Monthly – Pay using Paypal
Annual Subscription (%50 off Monthly)

Access to !earshot-Distro for non-radio Station Staff (External, private producer), annual subscription

CA$15.60 (tax)
Total: CA$135.60
Pay using Paypal – Annual (50% off monthly cost)


Are you a non-NCRA/ANREC radio station (eg. Commercial Broadcaster, Public Broadcaster) and you want access to the system? Contact us for more information.