!earshot Daily (Syndicated Radio Show)

Visit the stand-alone site at earshot-daily.ca

The NCRA/ANREC has been coordinating with volunteers to create a new program ‘!earshot Daily’, this is a showcase of some of the latest uploads by Canadian musicians to our Earshot Digital Distribution System.  Here is how it works:

Every day, a new host will take over the show, a 27-29 minute show featuring only artists from the earshot-distro.ca system or songs who have made it to the earshot-online.com charts.  It will be 100% all Canadian and made by NCRA/ANREC Members for NCRA/ANREC Members.  

Our coordinator (AJ from CKLU in Sudbury, ON) will coordinate with ANYONE interested in hosting a show and will align 5 shows to be released each week which you would then decide when and where to broadcast. 

The premise:

  • Anyone can host, just fill out this form and say you want to host.
  • AJ (CKLU-FM, Sudbury, ON), our show coordinator, will share instructions on the formating.
  • You will use the !earshot-Distro system (and if you want, !earshot charts if you have that content) and select any of the content on there (regardless of genre) and create a show
  • Submit your finished show
  • If you liked it, sign-up to do another one!  
  • The entire week’s shows will be made available to stations to schedule by Friday at Noon, the previous week.

Want to hear an example? 

This is designed so that programmers have an opportunity to explore and showcase the great Canadian Content on our system, as well as give you a chance to showcase their own talent.  We are looking for voices and programming from all across the country!  Please share the attached poster and message with your programmers, and as a station, let us know you are interested in playing the show here.  

Signup to express interest in hosting an episode, producers please fill out the form here – https://forms.gle/wpRqC1u9bbfahiYf9

To express interest in playing the show, stations please fill out the form here – https://forms.gle/Z3JCe2bEzc91thZY9

Those interested to volunteer with the entire distro system, not signing up to host a show, can sign-up here through our !earshot-Distro Volunteer program

ARTISTS: You get selected by the host, so no need to apply! Just create an account and upload! You can also request to be on the show by emailing earshotdaily@ncra.ca