MAPL!e Grant

We have extended our MAPL!e Grant for one month to April 30th, so if you have access to the coupons and not yet uploaded content, you have one more month to do so!

See the full press-release from Dec 8, 2020 here!

The NCRA/ANREC (Non-profit radio in Canada) has set up a system that allows artists and labels to upload their music and submit it directly to 100+ radio stations and their programmers.  This new system is a non-profit system and replaces the need to send CD’s or unsolicited emails.  As a member of most provincial or national music associations (see list below), you have access to at least $300 worth of credits to upload your content to the system between November 16th and March 31st, 2021. We are calling this our “MAPL!e” Grant (get it, CanCon?) There is no maintenance fee. It’s 100% free to put your new (and back catalogue) on the system. 


We know artists are struggling to share their music due to COVID-19 (stations are not accepting CDs), there is no cheap distribution system (commercial alternatives cost $500+) and we want to reduce the environmental impact of mailing content.  As such, we have teamed up with almost all the national and provincial associations to offer this to all musicians in Canada. 

The NCRA / ANREC recognizes the need to support under-represented artists and musicians and has introduced self-identification to help with discoverability:

  • QueerCon
  • FemCon
  • IndigenousCon
  • FrancoCon
  • BlackCon

Artists may choose to self-identify for discoverability or drill down into all the sub and hyper genres for unique music styles. The CRTC requires radio to use a set of music and spoken word content categories as a way for programmers to highlight local content and musicians. Our sector faces challenges including the geography, loss of live venues and the drastic loss of the local print publications which were key to seeking out our new music and features of artists. The internet improves reach but not locality. Local and diverse content can get lost in the vastness of the internet, especially related to music – moving us to support under-represented artists in this fashion.

!earshot-Distro has the benefits of carbon reduction with no packaging or transport waste, as well as expanded access to content online without taking up increasingly expensive storage space at stations.

How to access your free upload credits to the ! Campus/Community music distribution system

  1. Create an account on (Independent Artist or Label)
  2. When registering, put in the referral code which is available via your participating association via their member login or the email sent out in November of 2020)
    (If you include this code it guarantees you a discount AFTER March 31st if you want to upload later)
  3. Upload your songs (Click here for detailed support)
  4. When you get to the checkout, put in this coupon code:  CODE AVAILABLE VIA YOUR ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP LOGIN OR EMAIL
  5. Use the contact list provided in-app to reach out to users who are interested in your genre

List of participating Associations & Groups:

  • Canadian Independent Music Association / Music Ontario
  • East Coast Music Association
  • Alberta Music
  • Manitoba Music
  • Music BC
  • Music NL
  • Music Nova Scotia
  • Music PEI
  • NB Music
  • Music Yukon
  • SaskMusic 
  • Small World Music
  • Collective Music Canada

About the NCRA/ANREC:
The National Campus and Community Radio Association/L’Association nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires (“NCRA/ANREC”) is a not-for-profit national association working to recognize, support, and encourage volunteer-based, non-profit, public-access campus, community and native radio broadcasters in Canada. We provide advice and advocacy for individual campus and community (“c/c”) stations and conduct lobbying and policy development initiatives with a view to advancing the role and increasing the effectiveness of our sector. Our goals are to ensure stability and support for individual stations and to promote the long-term growth and effectiveness of the sector. The NCRA/ANREC currently has 113 member stations.

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