!earshot Distro Music Digest (98 New Tracks)


Hello everyone,

Not too many albums but lots of singles and a couple shows to check out!

Here are the newest releases for the week of July 8th to July 14th:

New Albums:


Erika Lamon MAPL Compliant > Folk (11)


JJ ROOTS MAPL Compliant > Folk (8)

10 of Swords

The Cold Seeps MAPL Compliant > Punk (10)

Zeke The Monarch

Zeke The Monarch MAPL Compliant > Rock (7)

Satan Will Follow You Home

Dead Tired MAPL Compliant > Metal (10)

Down To The Roots

Michael Darcy & The Atlantic Tramps MAPL Compliant > Folk (11)

New Singles:



Moonlit’s Band

MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

And I Wonder

Jamila B. MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Karma Tattoo

Jenny Mayhem MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Making Love In The Moonlight

Shanda MAPL Compliant > Country (1)


Drogue MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)


Jonah Ocean MAPL Compliant > Electronic (1)

Cheeze Pleeze

Snarfdude and Daffodil > Various / Eclectic (Radio Show) (1)

Last Song of the Night

Bryon Tosoff MAPL Compliant > Jazz (1)


Nikki Estelle’s Band MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Million Dollar Baby (feat Asun Eastwood & JRDN)

Len Bowen MAPL Compliant > Rap (1)


Matt Foster MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Hound Dog on a Chain

Blue Moon Marquee MAPL Compliant > Blues (1)

Depend on You

Julianna Jones MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Hangin On

Eric John MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Causeway Road

Adam Baldwin MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Lovely Lovely Lovely

Carter & the Capitals MAPL Compliant > R&B (1)

Hurrah Hooray

Brock Pytel MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Jordan Peterson (Tears of a Clown)

The Soviet Influence MAPL Compliant > Punk (1)

Lonely Road ft. The Dark Notice & Gin Sexsmith

J9 MAPL Compliant > Rap (1)

High & Alone

Cameron Nickerson MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

the album spinning time feel

Ian Cole > Country (1)

To The Sea

Jackie Strano MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

On Your Knees

Vicki Lovelee MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Neon Soul

Eric Bolton MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

I taught you how to dream

Leanna Oki MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Hold On

Park Central MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

My Lighthouse

The Night Owls MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Alphonso Davies

RAP BUFFET MAPL Compliant > Rap (1)

Who I Am

Maura Whitman MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Wink And a Nudge

Clay Orange MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

New Shows:

Balmoral Blues

David Blaine > Blues (Radio Show)

The Recap Sequence

Jamie Brewer > Spoken Word (Radio Show)

Deep Threes

John "Jay" Burgund > Various / Eclectic (Radio Show)

Retrospect 60s Garage Punk Show

Phil Grey > Punk (Radio Show)

Girlie So Groovie

Trevor Klundert > Various / Eclectic (Radio Show)

Back Porch Bluegrass

Paul Trenwith > Bluegrass (Radio Show)

The Freedom Principle

Tom Fleming > International & Third-Language (Radio Show)

Fables for Your Microscope

Adam Cantor > Various / Eclectic (Radio Show)

JAM Live!

Dieter Gade > Concert (Radio Show)


Cam Wells > Spoken Word (Radio Show)