!earshot Distro Music Digest (96 New Tracks)


Hello everyone,

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New Albums:

Escape From Lizard City

Megamall’s Band MAPL Compliant > Alternative (6)

moonbeams & frequencies

the della kit MAPL Compliant > R&B (10)

A Newer Morning (For John)

Michael Boguski Trio MAPL Compliant > Jazz (7)

Songs From A Fire Tower

Mountain Mansion MAPL Compliant > Folk (7)

Your Body Doesn’t Lie

Tortured Soul > Electronic (5)

Pulleys and Gears

Sister Swire > Rock (2)

Sonny Bono Tear Down This Wall Of Sound!

The Shangs > Alternative (11)

New Singles:


Gone Leave

Lifeandthetribe > R&B (1)


Flower Bomb MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Vintage Photo Filter

Matt Steele MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

So Many Will Miss You

Kananelagussi MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

I Can’t Wait (Radio Edit)

Miesha and The Spanks MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Almost Love

Brettyn Rose MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

Stain Glass

Tyson Ray Borsboom MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Building A Home (Yip Walla Wahoo)

Thomas Stajcer MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

"Me and You"

Ingrid D. Johnson MAPL Compliant > R&B (1)

Get out of my room

Rooms MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

How Do You Mean?

Jacob Wutzke MAPL Compliant > Jazz (1)

Flying South

Jacob Wutzke MAPL Compliant > Jazz (1)

Kamalani (Child of Love)

Moonlit’s Band MAPL Compliant > Spiritual (1)

Pleasant Solutions

King of Foxes MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Oh Not Tonight

The Soviet Influence MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Blurry Sights

Inner Bigness MAPL Compliant > Rap (1)

Legacy of Giants

Moonlit’s Band MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

When Boat Painting Becomes a Rescue Mission

Hazen Halls MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)


Mallory Johnson MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

The Worst People… Having the Time Of Their Lives

Arrester MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)


Lesser Evil MAPL Compliant > Electronic (1)

New Shows:

Cheeze Pleeze

Snarfdude and Daffodil > Various / Eclectic (Radio Show) (1)

NewFound Records

Wayne Tucker > Folk & Roots (Radio Show) (1)

Sips, Suds, & Smokes

One Tan Hand Productions > Spoken Word (Radio Show) (1)


Community Radio Fund Of Canada > News & Current Affairs (Radio Show) (1)

The Charts

Dinah Jansen > Popular Music (Radio Show) (1)

Talking Radial Radio

Scott Neigh > Politics (Radio Show) (1)

Revolution Rock

Dave Konstantino > Indie Rock & Rock (Radio Show) (6)

Fables for Your Microscope

Adam Cantor > Various / Eclectic (Radio Show) (1)


Moz Taylor > Jazz (Radio Show) (8)


Cam Wells > Spoken Word (Radio Show) (1)

Amplified Radio Show (Hour 2)

Sean Savage > Electronic & Dance (Radio Show) (2)

The Mix Sessions (Hour 2)

Sean Savage > Electronic & Dance (Radio Show) (2)