That Easy by Catherine Aria

"I absolutely love this song! It draws you in with a folk intro then juxtaposes that with a funky, Dido-like sound that is both fascinating and irresistible. Ms. Aria's unique and compelling voice is an added bonus to a wonderful piece of music. " - Norm (Earshot Distro Reviewer)

Catherine Aria

(From Label) Catherine Aria is an independent singer & song-writer based out of Vancouver, Canada with a strong background in professional dancing, piano, choreography, modeling, and acting. Throughout her life, Catherine has always stood by the belief that music is a blessing to the world in all of its forms, including art, power, expression, healing, community and entertainment. As a performer, Catherine strives to evoke emotion in her audience, create powerful music, and inspire all of those around her by encouraging self expression in a healthy & fulfilling way.