Getting Back The Groove (138 New Tracks)

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I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! Getting back into the groove of things can be a little tiring so here are the newest tracks from the week of April 8th to the 14th to get you started:

New Albums:

Central Heat Exchange DELUXE

Central Heat Exchange > Alternative (11)

As You Lay Sleeping

Ways Lain MAPL Compliant > Classical Century (6)

Familiar Science

JOYFULTALK > Electronic (8)

Grid Gate

Sabeydoll MAPL Compliant > Electronic (10)

The Land, The Sea, The People

Adam Ruzzo MAPL Compliant > Folk (16)

What It Is

Ian Lake MAPL Compliant > Pop (9)

Papillon de Nuit: The Night Butterfly

Tanika Charles MAPL Compliant > R&B (13)

Case D├ępart

Missy D MAPL Compliant > Rap (8)

Dj Unknown’s Android Repair Service Vol. 2

Dj Unknown MAPL Compliant > Rap (13)

Out of Curiosity

Jamie Penner MAPL Compliant > Rock (7)


Jamie Penner MAPL Compliant > Rock (8)

Buyer’s Remorse

War For Your Money MAPL Compliant > Rock (9)

New Singles:


Supposed To Be

Amanda Rheaume

MAPL Compliant

> Folk


Soul Dance Redux

Animal Souls MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Waste of Time

Summer Bruises MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Washed Away

The Darcys MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Fool Me

Melohalo > Electronic (1)

The Day We Stopped

Melissa Lauren MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Day To Day

Fortunate Ones MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Tropical Romance (Stone Version)

GLAMORCULT MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

People I Barely Knew

Fin McDowell MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Day After Day (feat. Verdigris)

Galen Conroy MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Red Flags (Radio Edit)

CJ Cooper MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Lost Souls In Time

GLAMORCULT MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Interstate (fanclubwallet cover)

Horse Doctor MAPL Compliant > Punk (1)

baby blue

the della kit MAPL Compliant > R&B (1)


the della kit MAPL Compliant > R&B (1)

You Are the One

Dave Filchak MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

If I Was a Young, Good Man

Moving City’s Band MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Baby Daddy

Lisa Froment MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Drive All Night

The Bros. Landreth MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Wake Me Up (When This Nightmare’s Over)

Simple Plan MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)