!earshot Distro Music Digest (136 New Tracks)


Hello everyone,

Looks like the weather has finally decided on Spring after many backs and forths, let’s hope it stays like this time. Hope everyone has a nice and productive week ahead!

Here are the newest tracks from the week of April 29th to May 5th:

New Albums:

I Don’t Believe

Vivienne Wilder MAPL Compliant > Alternative (9)


Patchwork MAPL Compliant > Alternative (4)

Love And The Front Lawn

St.Arnaud MAPL Compliant > Alternative (10)

Central Heat Exchange DELUXE

Central Heat Exchange > Alternative (8)

Post Breakup Bender EP

Sean Watson Graham MAPL Compliant > Alternative (6)

Nero’s Waltz

The Local Group MAPL Compliant > Bluegrass (11)

The Beaten Path

John Lewitt MAPL Compliant > Country (11)

Two Days In Time

Pendamental MAPL Compliant > Electronic (9)

Cosmic Dreamer

Barney Bentall MAPL Compliant > Folk (11)


George Crotty Trio MAPL Compliant > Jazz (9)

Jeu d’ombres

Mathieu Soucy MAPL Compliant > Jazz (6)


Ockham’s Blazer MAPL Compliant > Jazz (9)

Where the Change Is

The Flashing Lights MAPL Compliant > Rock (13)

New Singles:


Long Way Down

iskwē and Tom Wilson MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Frayed Ends Of Reality

Fate Will Come MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

You Don’t Need the Limelight

Trevor Howlett MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Hearts Like These

Meguro MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

You & Me

The Whythouse MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

Let It Roll

The Whythouse MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Loser Anthem

Mulberry Creek MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

Turn Back

JT Pearson MAPL Compliant > Country (1)

‘Nother Thought

Fake Shape MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Live Again

Jane’s Party MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Running Wild Running Free

This Mad Desire > Rock (1)

Pocket Full of Stones

Ryan Naismith > Folk (1)

Lennie’s Changes

Mathieu Soucy MAPL Compliant > Jazz (1)

Call You Mine

Volta Nova MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)


Yvane Corbin MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)


Yvane Corbin MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Funkier Than That (Clean)

Uncle Strut > Rock (1)

Down South (Explicit)

Uncle Strut > Alternative (1)

The Ballad of Uncle Strut (Explicit)

Uncle Strut > Alternative (1)

Fucking My Friends (Explicit)

Uncle Strut > Rock (1)

Spacey Casey (Clean)

Uncle Strut > Alternative (1)

What Ya Saying?

The Banquets > Rock (1)

Salt And Tears

Hem Netjer MAPL Compliant > Alternative (1)

Beautiful Mess

Renita Zintel MAPL Compliant > Rock (1)

Bigger Love

Milk & Bone > Pop (1)


Noah Reid MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Physics & Chemistry

Incendiary Sweet MAPL Compliant > Pop (1)

Inner Ninja (Acoustic) [feat. Matt Mays, David Myles, JRDN, Joel Plaskett]

Classified MAPL Compliant > Rap (1)


Hem Netjer MAPL Compliant > Folk (1)

Bougie Fruit Blues (Feat. KOFI, Bby Booda)

Pendamental MAPL Compliant > Rap (1)