Game Play by The Brooks

"So, every know and then you're lucky enough to find a song you like so much that you rush right over to YouTube hoping there's more where that came from. There I found this superb song, and I was it's first view on YouTube! It's haunting and brilliant all at the same time, and I will use it when our community radio station QCCR launches a new singer/songwriter show in a couple of weeks. In fact I may use it first. It's that good. " - Norm (Earshot Distro Reviewer)

The Brooks

(From Label) Named the “best kept secret of Canadian funk” by La Presse, The Brooks are a band of accomplished musicians, well-known in the soul/funk scene across the Atlantic. The Brooks are fronted by the icon that is Alan Prater. the Florida-born musician who has toured with Michael Jackson and the band itself was born behind the walls of the legendary Motown Museum thanks to bassist Alexandre Lapointe, who has worked alongside such artists such as Joel Campbell (musical director for Tina Turner and Janet Jackson). Prater and Lapointe are joined by Maxime Bellavance (drums), Philippe Look (guitar & vocals), Daniel Thouin (keyboard), Sébastien Grenier (saxophone), Hichem Khalfa (French trumpet), and Philippe Beaudin (percussion). In their music you can hear James Brown’s meticulousness, D’Angelo’s delightfulness, Fela Kuti’s radiance, Herbie Hancock’s intergenerational openness, and J. Dilla’s innovative spirit. These heroes of music didn’t let rules and trends dictate their messages, and neither do The Brooks. Just like these history makers, they built their reputation with sweat and rigor, outside of conventional channels. Over 8 years and with an EP and two albums, they have already won many awards and nominations including GAMIQ, Independent Music Awards, and ADISQ. The Brooks’ philosophy is based on art in its rawest form, on perfectionism in musical practice. The choices they make and the directions they take are motivated mostly by instinctive feelings. Together they are united in a project where pleasure and complete artistic freedom are the only key words.