Broadcaster User Guide & Video

We will be hosting another training session on how to upload Programs to !earshot Distro and how stations can access them on November 21st at 2pm EST over at Please feel free to join and ask any questions you may have.

Updated June 28th, 2022

This session will show how to navigate !earshot distro as user at a station (Staff or Programmer). Focusing on the newest integration of Shows and PSAs, how to upload them and how to download them.

(March 2022) This session will show how to navigate !earshot distro as a user at a station (Staff or Programmer). 

Referral Code Instructions:

Adding Staff Instructions:

These videos contain a basic overview of some of the key functionalities of broadcasters within the !eDDS. More in-depth information can be found within the broadcast user guide.

Video 1: Walk-thru and Q&A Dec 2020


Video 2: Organizational Settings, Referral System, Account Information

Video 3: Search, Advanced Search Filters, Saved Searches