Stations using !earshot Distro

Below is a list of all campus and community radio stations with access to the !earshot Digital Distribution System. A table can be found at the bottom of this page with each station’s call sign, frequency, station name, province, and city.

Note that users of !earshot Distro can get access to contact these stations via the “messaging and outreach” tab found within the system. You must have an account, so register to do so. 

Last Updated  – January 24th, 2021

CHBB, Norris Point, Newfoundland

CITR, Vancouver, British Columbia

CHLY, Nanaimo, British Columbia

CILU, Thunder Bay, Ontario

CJSF, Burnaby, British Columbia

CJLY, Nelson, British Columbia

CHUO, Ottawa, Ontario

CFUZ, Penticton, British Columbia

CIVL, Abbotsford, British Columbia

CICK, Smithers, British Columbia

CFRU, Guelph, Ontario

CFRO, Vancouver, British Columbia

CFML, Burnaby, British Columbia

CKTZ, Manson's Landing, British Columbia

CFFF, Peterborough, Ontario

CJRU, Toronto, Ontario

CJNU, Winnipeg, Manitoba

CFMH, Saint John, New Brunswick

CKVE, Hubbards, Nova Scotia

CJTR, Regina, Saskatchewan

CJSW, Calgary, Alberta

CJPE, Picton, Ontario

CJAM, Windsor, Ontario

CHHA, Toronto, Ontario

CFUR, Prince George, British Columbia

CFBU, St. Catharines, Ontario

CFCR, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

CHES, Erin, Ontario

CFUV, Victoria, British Columbia

CHCR, Killaloe, Ontario

CKUW, Winnipeg, Manitoba

CKVS, Salmon Arm, British Columbia

CKCU, Ottawa, Ontario

CKHA, Haliburton, Ontario

CJUM, Winnipeg, Manitoba

CHRW, London, Ontario

CJSR, Edmonton, Alberta

CKXU, Lethbridge, Alberta

CKDU, Halifax, Nova Scotia

CJLX, Belleville, Ontario

CHYZ, Quebec City, Quebec

CHMR, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

CFMU, Hamilton, Ontario

CKMS, Waterloo, Ontario

CHSR, Fredericton, New Brunswick

CHRY, Toronto, Ontario

Online, Mississauga, Ontario

Online, Kelowna, British Columbia

CHXL, Okanese First Nation, Saskatchewan

CFRC, Kingston, Ontario

CJQC, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

CJUC, Whitehorse, Yukon

CJAI, Stella, Ontario

CFIS, Prince George, British Columbia

CJTR, Regina, Saskatchewan

CKAR, Huntsville, Ontario

CJBU, Sydney, Nova Scotia

CFEP, Halifax, Nova Scotia

CIWS, Whitchurch - Stouffville, Ontario

CJRO, Carlsbad Spring, Ontario

CFYT, Dawson, Yukon

CHMA, Sackville, New Brunswick

CKUA, Various, Alberta

ELMNT FM, Toronto/Ottawa, Ontario

Radio Regent, Toronto, Ontario

CKOA-FM, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

CJLO, Montreal, Quebec

CFWN, Port Hope, Ontario

Stoke FM, Revelstoke, BC

Information Table

Call SignFrequencyStation NameProvinceCity
CFBU103.7 FMBrock University Student RadioOntarioSt. Catharines
CFBX92.5 FMCFBX 92.5 FMBritish ColumbiaKamloops
CFCR90.5 FMSaskatoon Community RadioSaskatchewanSaskatoon
CFEP105.9 FMSeaside FMNova ScotiaHalifax
CFFF92.7 FMTrent RadioOntarioPeterborough
CFIS93.1 FMCFISBritish ColumbiaPrince George
CFMH107.3 FMLocal 107.3 FMNew BrunswickSaint John
CFML107.9 FMEvolution 107.9British ColumbiaBurnaby
CFMU93.3 FM93.3 CFMU-FMOntarioHamilton
CFPQ104.5 FMPaqtnkek Radio SocietyNova ScotiaPaqtnkek Mi'kmaw Nation
CFPT106.5 FMELMNT FMOntarioToronto & Ottawa
CFRC101.9 FMCFRCOntarioKingston
CFRO100.5 FMVancouver CO-OP RadioBritish ColumbiaVancouver
CFRU93.3 FMUniversity of Guelph RadioOntarioGuelph
CFUR88.7 FMCFUR RadioBritish ColumbiaPrince George
CFUV101.9 FMCFUV 101.9 FMBritish ColumbiaVictoria
CFUZ92.9 FMPeach City RadioBritish ColumbiaPenticton
CFWN89.7 FMSmall Town RadioOntarioPort Hope
CFYT106.9 FMThe Spirit of DawsonYukonDawson
CHBB95.9 FMVoice of Bonnie BayNewfoundland and LabradorNorris Point
CHCR102.9 FM and 104.5 FMCanadian Homegrown Community RadioOntarioKillaloe
CHES91.7 FMErin Community RadioOntarioErin
CHET94.5 FMPeace FMBritish ColumbiaChetwynd
CHHA1610 AMSan Lorenzo Community Radio AMOntarioToronto
CHLY101.7 FMRadio Malaspina SocietyBritish ColumbiaNanaimo
CHMA106.9 FMCHMA-FMNew BrunswickSackville
CHMR93.5 FMCHMR-FMNewfoundland and LabradorSt. John's
CHRW94.9 FMRadio WesternOntarioLondon
CHRY105 FMVibe 105OntarioToronto
CHSR97.9 FMCHSRNew BrunswickFredericton
CHUO89.1 FMCHUO 89.1 FMOntarioOttawa
CHXL95.3 FMCreek FMSaskatchewanOkanese First Nation
CHYZ94.3 FMCHYZ 94.3 FMQuebecQuebec City
CICK99.1 FMSmithers Community Radio SocietyBritish ColumbiaSmithers
CILU102.7 FMLU RadioOntarioThunder Bay
CITR101.9 FMCITR DiscorderBritish ColumbiaVancouver
CIVL101.7 FMCIVL RadioBritish ColumbiaAbbotsford
CIWS102.9 FMWhistle FMOntarioWitchchurch - Stouffville
CJAI92.1 FMAmherst Island RadioOntarioStella
CJAM99.1 FMCJAM FMOntarioWindsor
CJBU107.3 FMCaper RadioNova ScotiaSydney
CJLO1690 AMCJLOMontrealQuebec
CJLY93.5 FMKootenay Co-op RadioBritish ColumbiaNelson
CJNU93.7 FMNostalgia Broadcasting CooperativeManitobaWinnipeg
CJPE99.3 FMRadio County FMOntarioPicton
CJQC99.3 FMQueens Country Community RadioNova ScotiaLiverpool
CJRO107.7 FMCarlsbad Vars RadioOntarioCarlsbad Spring
CJRU1280 AMThe Scope at RyersonOntarioToronto
CJSF90.1 FMSimon Fraser Campus Radio SocietyBritish ColumbiaBurnaby
CJSR88.5 FMCJSR 88.5 FMAlbertaEdmonton
CJSW90.9 FMCJSW RadioAlbertaCalgery
CJTR91.3 FMRegina Community RadioSaskatchewanRegina
CJTR91.3 FMRegina Community RadioSaskatchewanRegina
CJUC92.5 FMCJUCYukonWhitehorse
CJUM101.5 FMUMFMManitobaWinnipeg
CKAR88.7 FMThe Bay 88.7 FMOntarioHuntsville
CKCU93.1 FMCKCU FMOntarioOttawa
CKDU88.1 FMCKDU 88.1 FMNova ScotiaHalifax
CKHA100.9 FMCanoe FMOntarioHaliburton
CKMS102.7 FMCKMS 102.7 FMOntarioWaterloo
CKOA98.7fmThe CoastNova ScotiaGlace Bay
CKTZ89.5 FMCortes Community RadioBritish ColumbiaManons Landing
CKUW95.9 FMCKUW FMManitobaWinnipeg
CKUAVariousCKUA Radio NetworkAlbertaVarious
CKVE88.7 FMCove FMNova ScotiaHubbards
CKVS93.7 FMVoice of the ShuswapBritish ColumbiaSalmon Arm
CKXU88.3 FMCKXU 88.3 FMAlbertaLethridge
VF259092.5 FMStoke FMBritish ColumbiaRevelstoke
n/aOnlineHeatwave RadioBritish ColumbiaKelowna
n/aOnlineSheridan Life RadioOntarioMississauga
n/aOnlineDurham Flavour Community RadioOntarioRegion of Durham
n/aOnlineRadio RegentOntarioToronto
n/aOnlineRadio SidneyBritish ColumbiaSidney
n/aOnlineRadio WebphréQuébecMagog