Music Industry Consultations

Please note this round has concluded, we hope to have a report on the findings and next steps by late July 2021

The Future of Broadcasting Music Consultation

Update June 14, 2021

In May and June of 2021, we asked the music industry and broadcasters to provide feedback to hopefully develop some next practices.  We received submissions from more than 40 individuals and groups and are now moving forward with the second phase of consultations.

Please join us on June 23rd at 2 pm Eastern (11 am Pacific) via (google meet account) for a 1.5 hour facilitated working session.  This session will outline or findings of the first survey, and then break out into smaller groups to further discuss issues. The list below are starting questions that each group will have an opportunity to discuss at their leisure (or anything else, it is up to the individual breakout group to decide what information they wish to discuss.

Please register here to participate (if you have not already done so, but registration is not required), or if you are unable to make the time, feel free to reply to the specific questions here

  1. Can we agree on a standardized format for distribution the sector would use?
    1. Wav 44.1, mp3 320
    2. Singles vs EP vs Albums (any preference)
    3. Should we have an Albums base Charts, or Singles (or both?) at
  2. Can the sector agree on a system of where most people should be sending content through 
    1. !earshot Distro? (what could be changed to make this easier)?
    2. Do we accept content in the mail anymore?
  3. Cost
    1. Is !earshot Distro fair at $7/song or $50/album?
    2. If not, how can we compensate for development and management costs?
    3. Can stations upload content at no cost?
    4. Do we only charge Labels/Distro Companies and not independent artists?
    5. Do we have a program like “MAPL!e Grant” for those who cannot afford the funding
  4. Capacity
    1. Are stations willing to work together to change their systems to free up capacity?
    2. Automated e-mail responses from stations?
    3. Standard tracking forms or hours?
    4. Website links and instructions that are standard across the sector promoted on stations
  5. Communication
    1. What are ways we can reduce the amount of work
    2. What automation technologies can we use
    3. Are we willing to lobby SOCAN to build an automated playlist/chart/royalties system?
    4. What should we change about our “outreach” offerings

May 14 2021

As ! has come into use by both the music industry and the non-profit broadcasting sector, it has become apparent that musicians, artists, labels and distribution companies and the broadcasters themselves are frustrated with each other and how they operate.  As such, the NCRA/ANREC receives complaints from both sides and is proposing a joint discovery session to create some new systems and expectations to aid both groups

Date:  June 23rd, 2pm Eastern via (google meet – join 5 minutes before start)

Plan: The NCRA/ANREC will host a joint listening/working session inviting Music directors and Broadcasters (hosts) to collaborate with music industry professionals to find some common ground.

Survey: The NCRA/ANREC will ask those participating to outline some of the key areas they see as issues. These issues will then be brought to the rest of the group during the discussion portion of the timeline below.

2-2:05 – Logging in
2:05-2:10 – Brief Introduction to the NCRA/ANREC, !earshot Distro and why we created the program
2:10-2:20 – Outline discussion groups and key areas
2:20-3:00 – Working Session (Groups of 6-8, with an even split of music industry and broadcasters. Discussion of questions posed to the group with recommended solutions to be shared back to the main group.
3:00-3:15 – Return with a quick summary of each group’s key main takeaways.

Working Session: Each session will have one “host” who will be acting as a facilitator to ask questions, record comments (on google docs) and manage the discussion.  We will use the registration to create groups and send them to “rooms” on zoom

Follow-up:  The NCRA/ANREC Staff will review the group discussions and propose a set of next steps


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