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The Future of Broadcasting Music Consultation

Update September 13th, 2021

The Future of Broadcasting Music Consultation Report #1 is ready after taking into account what was discussed during the music distribution consultations in May and June of 2021 and after plenty of research it is clear that there needs to be more consultations to really get all the answers. Which is why this is only the first set of findings and we will be having follow-up discussions which will be focused on more specific topics, since there was a lot to touch on during the first round of consultations. 

There were 5 major findings that we were able to break down into categories:

  1. Format
  2. Distribution
  3. Cost
  4. Capacity
  5. Accessibility & Diversity

We encourage you to go through the findings, and look to participate at our next set of meetings. This is only the first report and we will continue with more consultations.

Phase 2 of Consultations

It is recommended that three additional consultation phases happen, including releasing a second updated report in November.

  1. October 14th, 2021 (1-3pm Eastern) – Radio Station Staff and Hosts (Register)
    1. Present findings
    2. Discuss relevant questions below
  2. October 19th, 2021 (1-3pm Eastern) – Music Industry Consultations (Register)
    1. Present findings
    2. Discuss: relevant questions below
  3. Late November – Submit information to the group ( who is doing a study on pre-release sharing (ie during the production phase) and we can share each other’s findings and possibly present at their conference
  4. Early 2022 – Distribution changes (for Large Labels, Distro Companies and Media organizations)
    1. Present Findings
    2. Discuss:
      1. API
      2. Group submission to multiple services
      3. Long term technical plan for automated playlists, charts and logging
      4. SOCAN Pressure for royalty payments
      5. Funding

The discussions will focus on:

  1. Singles vs Albums on Charts (Currently only albums)
  2. Submitting Physical CD’s/Vinyl/Tape – is there a standard and should we be encouraging digital submissions over physical
  3. Research and develop partnerships with other distribution organizations to create an amalgamation of services and resources into one location (possibly !earshot distro). Possibly with an API
  4. Developing a plan of action to address the physical distribution of CD’s at radio stations
    • Include this in a key consultation with radio station music directors
  5. Develop a plan of action to get more hosts to access to !earshot Distro
  6. Develop a better notification system for stations that content is on the site that matches their needs (including but not limited to immediate emails on a new release, weekly or monthly digests)
  7. Develop a plan of action to address automating charts and tracking requests so artists can see when and where their song was played on the radio
  8. Develop automated emails to notify artists of who listened to their song/album, how long, which tracks, and if it has been downloaded. Helpful to know even if they’re just listening; can follow up with stations
  9. More research into Podcast and takedown requirements/rules.
  10. Discuss with broadcasters a fee to access distro (Maybe premium account for radio stations?)
    • Explore reporting to charts as an opportunity for individual shows who access !earshot distro for music.
  11. Research the viability of social media and/or staff with a collective account that promotes material that comes into the sector (ie through distro, charts or just a combination of discovering great material).  
    • #hashtag to use?
    • Multi-user accounts
    • An industry-wide individual in charge?
    • Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok) to be reviewed
  12. Explore ways with broadcasters to better give access to specialty-focused genres where singles are primary
    • Possibly partnerships with key labels
    • Promotion/campaign
  13. Work with stations to determine tasks that can be shared among MD’s and stations that everyone needs to do (such as sorting, organizing, rating etc), potentially a “regional MD’s” program
  14. Explore how to decrease cost for uploads by potentially increasing costs to stations. (Completed with Station upload form to come in fall of 2021 at no cost)
  15. Explore additional ways in which stations can increase BIPOC representation in their on-air music selections. 
    • Including training for MD’s and Program Directors
    • Developing a national database of programs

Please register here for Oct 14th – Broadcast Industry

Please register here for Oct 19th – Music Industry 

If you are unable to attend, and wish to provide input on the discussions above, you can simply email with comments, or fill out this google doc.

We look forward to further strengthening the partnership between Broadcasters and the Music Industry with your help.

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