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!earshot Digital Distribution System Available to the British Columbia Music Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Sign up now to get music to campus and community radio stations across Canada

The National Campus and Community Radio Association/L’Association nationale des radios étudiantes et communautaires (NCRA/ANREC) has been working on the development of the !earshot Digital Distribution System (!eDDS). The !eDDS will get music from the Canadian music industry, and independent artists to the campus and community radio stations across Canada. The NCRA/ANREC is making the !eDDS available to the British Columbia music industry first!.

The !eDDS is an online platform where the Canadian music industry, and independent artists can upload music into a database. This database will be available to campus and community radio stations across Canada to search, review, and download music to be broadcast within their local communities. Once fully developed the !eDDS will reach over 100 campus and community radio stations across Canada. It will replace the current physical and digital distribution methods used within Canada to get music to campus and community radio stations.

Until September 1st, 2018 uploading songs into the !eDDS will be free for the Canadian music industry. Starting from September 1st the !eDDS will charge a $7 per song for singles/EP’s (1 to 7 songs), or a flat $50 for an album/compilations (8 to 20 songs) when uploading songs. An independent artist account type will be released this summer.

For those interested in using the !eDDS, an account can be created at by clicking on the sign up MA in the top right hand corner of the site. Currently only distributors and record labels with two or more artists that are situated in BC can use the !eDDS. Starting from May 7th, the !eDDS will be available to the Canadian music industry. More information about the !eDDS can be found at

“For years, stations have worked off an antiquated system of physical cds, and programmers have been under-serviced because they bring their own content in to broadcast from, limiting their exposure to Canadian artists.The new !earshot Digital Distribution System will allow, for example, an artist in Saskatoon who makes east coast fiddle music get it into the hands of the right programmer who wants (and needs) that material for their show. For both broadcasters and the music industry, I see this as being one of the most impactful changes, this decade in how the campus/community sector uses music” -Barry Rooke, Executive Director NCRA/ANREC

“It goes without saying that the proposed digital infrastructure is long overdue for !earshot. The industry has shifted away from physical product and the digital environment has greatly empowered independent artists/music businesses. Canada is producing world class talent and valuable content at an exponential rate. The proposed digital distribution system will not only redefine how the campus and community sector receives and distributes music but is a clear opportunity to further empower Canada’s musical landscape in the digital era” – Zack Leighton, President of Bandbox and VP Development of Duet Promotions

For more information contact:

Patrick Grimshaw – – (613) 321-1440