February 2023 – Music Newsletter


Thank you for supporting and using our system. Now with 25,000+ songs, 880+ Artists, 2,500+ indie accounts and 280 broadcasters accounts we are continuing to grow and trying our best to better the platform on all fronts. 

We will be sending out newsletter emails like this to the music industry every few months.


Podcast School 

Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast? Why not start now! 

The NCRA/ANREC has put together an online 6 week course that brings together experts in podcasting from across the country to offer you 12 advanced courses in podcasting. 

You can learn more information about the courses, presenters and register today at https://podcast.ncra.ca/ 

The Timeline: March 7th  to April 13th.

Time: 8pm AST /  7pm EST / 5pm MST / 4pm PST (For 1h)

The Cost: $225+HST/ per person

Here is the Schedule: 

  • November – Registration Opens (First come, first serve)
  • March 6th – Registration Closes (If room)
  • March 7th  (Tuesday): (Chris Chang-Yen Phillips) The Basics: What defines a podcast? 
  • March 9th (Thursday):  (Kattie Laur) Walking the Talk: How to be a representative for your podcast
  • March 14th  (Tuesday):  (Phil Shirakawa) Sound Like A Pro: Tech SetUp
  • March 16th  (Thursday): (Hina Imam) Ethics of Storytelling and Why it Matters
  • March 21st (Tuesday): (Pamela Haasen) Defining the aim of your podcast / Making a trailer  
  • March 23rd (Thursday): (Jess Schmidt) Accessibility in Podcasting
  • March 28th  (Tuesday): (Pamela Haasen) Hands On Editing – Good Practice for Beginners
  • March 30th (Thursday): (Max Collins) Making A Podcast On A Budget
  • April 4th (Tuesday): (Anthony Sanna) Creating an Energetic Narrative
  • April 6th (Thursday): (Phil Shirakawa) Different types of podcasts
  • April 11th (Tuesday): (Pamela Haasen) Grant Writing for Your Podcast
  • April 13th (Thursday):(Ella Jean)  Looking at the Data (Marketing)

Best Practices:


Order of your songs

This is important to stations! And it is a quick fix on your end!

Under “Releases” select your album and click on the pencil icon and on the right side you will see the songs you’ve uploaded to that album, you can drag them and move them around to the correct order and to save click the “Save Order” button and then for good measures click “Save” at the bottom of the page. This is a quick and easy fix that you can do even after the payment process has been completed. 

Outreach Button

Check out the “outreach button” if you haven’t yet. When you drop down to the list of names and email addresses, on the right hand side there is a search bar. If for example you are looking for stations that play pop you can search “pop” and then the list will narrow down. 

You can go up to “Songs” or “Releases” on your account and click on what you wish to share and simply “Copy share URL” and when reaching out to stations you can send them the link for easier access. *Stations need to sign in first to be able to see the upload.

Independent Artist” vs. “Label

If you started your account as an independent artist and would like the option to upload other projects under a different name, you can email support@earshot-distro.ca and we can quickly change your account, this won’t affect your past uploads. 


When a song is released you can still add the lyrics to it, simply go to Songs and click on the pencil icon of the song you want to edit, scroll down and you will see a text box where you can add the lyrics to the song.

Worth Checking out:

New Releases

Every monday a music digest email goes out to all the music directors which includes all the uploads to !earshot distro from the week before, this is in efforts of creating an easy and digestible way for stations to browse through new releases.

Radio Stations

You can check out the list of radio stations who have access to !earshot along with their website info at the bottom of the page, this list is constantly growing and updated.

Social Medias:






We actively seek feedback to enhance the system. Let us know what you would wish to see implemented or what you would like to see on our social media.  If you have general feedback, questions or concerns please email support@earshot-distro.ca or fill out this form.

Eloisa Veliz
Marketing and Outreach Coordinator




Barry Rooke

NCRA/ANREC Executive Director